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Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program-Part 1

From holidays to summer swimsuit season people jump into the “latest and greatest” new diet on the block. But, if you’re serious about getting this done, follow The Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program and watch the pounds get lost, never to be seen again.

Because, repeat after me: When it comes to your health, diet and weight loss, the word “quick” is a lie.

If you really want to do it this time, whatever the reasons, it will take your commitment and willingness to learn how to make choices that will stick and serve you for the rest of your time. They won’t quit on you, they will become your lifestyle.

Here are some proven strategies to get your mind and body ready for your success. We call it Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program. I like goofy names 🙂

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-mental healthStart By Being In Good Mental Health.

 ➡ Your mindset is critical, especially in the first few days of your diet.

So, before you start, start reading about and finding new things that will motivate you to stick with the diet and overcome the challenges. You’ll find that this will be the best investment in your good health.

 ➡ Be realistic. It’s difficult to lose weight and you don’t want to make your goals so far out of reach that you can’t possibly meet them.

 ➡ Trying and failing can bring you down mentally, making you want to quit on yourself and forget about your health.

 ➡ Think about your body image and don’t allow it to become a mental barrier before you even start to lose weight.

 ➡ If you see yourself realistically, you’ll be motivated to change the things you can by starting a safe weight loss program.

Otherwise, you’ll never believe you’ve lost enough weight to make a difference and your self-confidence will whittle away.

When you have a distorted image of your body, you’ll likely set unrealistic goals. The only thing that will do is set you up for more failure and disappointment.

Do this instead:

 ➡ Have a complete physical assessment by your healthcare practitioner.

 ➡ Make use of one of the several online methods to find what you should weigh for your height and body makeup. This is called your BMI or Body Mass Index.

Here’s an easy tool you can use yourself, from the Mayo Clinic, a very reliable and excellent resource for any condition.

Mayo Clinic-BMI Calculator

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-mental health-buddyHaving a support group or buddy is a good idea to help keep you on the path to weight loss.

 ➡ You can keep each other motivated when your willpower is slipping away and cheer for each other when you succeed with the goals you set.

 ➡ Research foods and ways to prepare it for the eating plan you choose.

 ➡ Plan ahead and get your mindset ready to give it all you’ve got.

Learning exactly what you need to buy and having it on hand should make you feel motivated and excited about achieving your weight loss goals.

 ➡ Finally, be flexible in your decision to lose weight.

You may be all psyched up about this eating plan for the first few days or weeks, but your excitement and motivation tend to wane after a while when you’re trying something new, and you may be tempted to return to your old, unhealthy eating habits.

 ➡ Things will happen to test your motivation. Only if you have a flexible mindset can you forgive yourself for those times you get off course and get back on track more motivated than ever.

 ➡ Realize that even the best-laid plans don’t always work.

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-flexibleThe particular eating plan you choose may not have everything you need to keep you satisfied. Maybe you’ll need to eat out due to travel or business. Stay Flexible.

If you’re not flexible, you’ll waste your resolve and spend too much time berating yourself instead of using your energy to find someways to adjust or change whatever is not working for you.

 ➡ Instead of giving up, think about what you can do to overcome the obstacles. Use your mind and all the help available to think of alternative ways to meet your weight loss goals.

Stick with me here, there is no rush to get it perfect. Read through some of the “prep work” articles on this site, which you’ll find at the bottom of this page…Then, get ready to challenge yourself and meet every one of your personal goals.

5 Tips to Help You Be Consistent with Your Weight Loss Plan

Being consistent with your weight loss plan is the only way you’ll ever reach your weight loss goals. If you approach the plan with a helter-skelter attitude, the setbacks will finally win out and you’ll lose all motivation and excitement about losing weight and getting healthy.

There are some ways you can have more assurance that you won’t fall off the diet wagon. Remember that the choices you make will ultimately decide the success you’ll achieve.

If you’re consistent with your choices, your weight loss plan will fall into place. Here are five tips that will encourage you to be consistent with your weight loss plan:

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-temptation1.Learn how to fight the temptation to snack

Snacking is a habit that can ruin your plans for weight loss. We snack when we’re watching television, reading or working and it’s usually done mindlessly.

 ➡ That can mean big trouble for your weight loss plan. You may want to fight the urge by keeping yourself busy with something else that doesn’t include food – or, keeping healthy snacks on hand.

2. Keep a healthy eating diary

  • Tracking your food intake and weight loss progress is an important step in ensuring your success. The diary helps you see how you overcame past obstacles and reminds you of the successes you’ve already had.

3.Practice mindful eating

We all love to binge on junk food when watching our favorite TV shows.

  • To avoid that temptation, make it a point to eat all your meals at the kitchen or dining table. When you pay attention to what you’re eating, you’ll eat less – but when you eat mindlessly, you will likely increase food portions and calories.

4. Eat Slower

  • Whether you need to lose weight or not, it’s best for your digestive health if you learn to eat slower. One advantage to eating slower is that you’ll feel fuller over time and eat less as a result.

It’s all about the signals your body sends to your mind telling you that’s all the food you need before you overeat.

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-fake food5. Don’t be fooled by so-called “healthy” foods

  • Some foods are wolves in sheep’s packaging. The package hype makes you think it’s good for you and will help you lose weight, but if you’ll look closer at the label, you may see that it’s full of chemicals and toxins – and calories. Avoid processed foods during your diet – and beyond.

Forget the Past – Plan Your Weight Loss with a Clean Slate

Losing weight and putting it back on when you gain it back and then choosing another diet is considered yo-yo dieting – and it’s very bad for your mind and body. It puts your body in a state of confusion all the time thinking it’s starving one minute and bingeing the next.

No wonder it keeps those fat cells – just in case. For this new weight loss venture, you have a clean slate, and you can make it what you want. You have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t for your lifestyle, so you can adjust it accordingly.

Weight Loss And The Never Having To Say You're Sorry Program-no dieting ➡ One way you can begin this diet plan on a clean slate is to forget about “dieting.”

Dieting is boring and repetitious. You tend to skip meals and yo-yo back and forth from loading up on calories and doing without.

 ➡ Besides putting on even more weight, this dangerous type of eating can lead to metabolic disorders, cardiovascular issues, diabetes If you’re not already diabetic, and hypertension.

 ➡ Rather than purchasing pre-packaged diet meals and snacks, eat like the rest of your family and friends eat but instead eat good and healthy food, prepared in healthy ways.

 ➡ By having healthy snacks and meals on hand, you’ll be ensuring your family’s good health too.

Because your body works to maintain weight for survival, your metabolism slows down during a “diet”, making it more difficult to get rid of fat.

 ➡ When you lose weight too fast (more than two pounds a week), the resulting weight loss is muscle and not the fat that you need to lose.

 ➡ A healthy eating plan that fits your lifestyle is best because your body will get used it over time and your metabolism will work to support the weight that’s best for you.

Remember, you have a clean slate this time and can formulate your eating plan based on knowledge you gather from research and careful planning to once and for all – win the battle you’ve been fighting.

logoAnd, I’ll be here to support, encourage and guide you when you need. Send me your questions by using this private link and rest assured that your communications will always be maintained in the strictest confidence ➡ 


Coming up: Part 2 :  Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program-Part 2 – Your Body 

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