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Sugar Detox Plan-Prepare For Withdrawal Symptoms Before Starting

Sugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-before-startingThis is the Series Part 3. Once you’ve chosen the sugar detox plan-prepare for withdrawal symptoms before starting. You may be surprised how quickly they show up.

But don’t throw caution to the wind and decide to go cold turkey: If you do, you’ll be defeating your plan before it gets off the ground.

When you know what’s coming, that the symptoms will only last a few days and that what you’re experiencing is normal, it’ll be much easier to make it through the transition period of detoxing and breaking the sugar habit.

You May Experience:

1. Intense Cravings

 ➡ The first thing you’ll notice is that you start to crave sugary treats.Sugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms

While that’s a normal reaction, this time it will sneak up on you and try to convince you that a cookie would be nice…just one.

 ➡ Then the cravings will get worse until you’re ready to do just about anything for a sweet treat. Your best bet is to get anything sweet out of the house before you start to crave and cave.

2. Mood Swings and Tiredness

Don’t be surprised if you swing from “I can do this” to “No Way” in just a matter of minutes.

 ➡ Mood swings, crankiness and even feelings like all you want to do is nap is not uncommon as your body starts to detox from the sugar.

Manage It: Distract yourself. Call a friend, watch a movie, or go take a nap. Do whatever it takes to make it through these few days of sugar detox. Remember that no matter how crappy you feel, this won’t last long.

Sugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-headache3. Headaches

Sugar has some serious effects on your brain, and so does getting it out of your system. It’s pretty common to have headaches as your body gets used to running without the sugar.

 ➡ Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

 ➡ Some black coffee or a pain reliever such as Tylenol or Aspirin may help as well. Just be sure neither will interfere with the action of any medications you take regularly.

 ➡ If you get nauseated in addition to having the headache, try drinking some unsweetened peppermint tea.

 ➡ Take some slow, deep breaths, count to at least 5 on the inhale and 5 on the exhale.

4. Joint and Body Aches

Some people experience flu-like symptoms including joint and body aches. RecognizeSugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-joints them as being the result of your body going through the sugar withdrawal.

 ➡ Try drinking some warm chicken broth slowly or take a hot bath in Epsom salts.

The symptoms could be caused by an electrolyte imbalance and both of these remedies will help.

5. Shakes and Chills

And finally, you may experiences shakes and chills. It may feel like you have a fever or you’re coming down with some nasty bug, but again, it’s just part of the sugar withdrawal symptoms.

 ➡ If you can, crawl in the bed and sleep through the worst of it. By the time you wake up, you’ll have gone through most of it.

They key is not to give in and have a piece of candy. Instead, try these three tips to help you make it through the relatively short detox period.

Drink Lots of Water

Sugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-waterFirst, make sure you drink plenty of water. Not only will staying hydrated help relieve or eliminate many of the detox symptoms, it will also keep you feeling full.

 ➡ Feel a headache coming on? Get a glass of water.

 ➡ Want a cookie or a donut? Get a glass of water.

One of my favorite strategies for when you don’t think you can make it without another sweet treat or when the plate of danishes in the break room is calling your name is to pour yourself a big glass of water.

 ➡ Drink it slowly and then make yourself wait 15 minutes. By then the craving has usually passed. At the very least, you’ll feel so full after all that water, that you can pass on the sugary stuff.

Supplement With A Good Multi-VitaminSugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-vitamins

 ➡ Vitamin C, the B vitamins, and Zinc are all known to help with cravings.

 ➡ Taking a good multivitamin may be just the thing to help reduce the detox side effects and help you make it through some of the not so pleasant periods of getting used to eating a lot less sugar.

Stay Busy

 Sugar-detox-plan-prepare-for-withdrawal-symptoms-busy➡ Understand that many of the cravings and not feeling well is in your head.

 ➡ The more you focus on the uncomfortable side effects of detoxing from sugar, the worse they’ll get. The best way to avoid this is to stay busy.

However, I don’t recommend you start a sugar detox during a stressful time at work. Otherwise, staying busy is a good idea.

 ➡ Make some plans to go out with friends, go for a walk, reorganize your closet, or just settle in for a Netflix marathon. What you do doesn’t matter as long as you stay busy and keep your mind off the detox symptoms.

 ➡ Above all, don’t let these symptoms scare you away from giving a sugar detox a try. Not everyone experiences difficult side effects and many of the symptoms of withdrawal are not this severe.

Tackle this with confidence and the knowledge that it will only last for a few days and that you will get through it.

If you follow this program closely, you’ll come out of it without the sugar cravings and a chance for a much healthier diet and lifestyle.



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