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Sugar Detox-After You Cross The Finish Line -Part 5

If you’ve made it through your sugar detox and are on your way to a lifetime of eating healthy, wholesome foods, Congratulations! Here’s a little more help for your journey to a sugar detox-after you cross the finish line-Part 5 of this series.

sugar detox-after you cross the finish line-head

Hopefully, by now many of your sugar cravings are gone. Keep in mind, however, how easy it is to fall back into your old behavior patterns and get yourself in hot water when it comes to sugar.

Yes, there will always be sugary treats around. They’ll be offered to you and you may even grab a bite or a sip unthinkingly. What you need are a few tools to help you get through those times without going on a sugar binge.

Let’s talk about what you can do to deal with temptation in the weeks, months, and years to come. Helping you keep up your resolve to get sugar out of your system, I want to share sugar detox-after you cross the finish line

sugar detox-after you cross the finish line-temptation1. Expect The Temptation

Don’t let down your guard. Temptations are all around us; from a piece of a homemade pie that a friend or coworker is offering you, to the bakery counter you have to pass by at the grocery store when shopping for healthy food.

 ➡ While you can keep it out of your house, be mentally prepared for temptation at work, when you go out to eat, and particularly when you’re over at someone else’s house.

2. Don’t Leave The House Hungry

Believe me; it’s easier to turn down that donut at the office meeting if you’ve already had a couple of eggs for breakfast. When you’re already hungry, your willpower may slip.

Carry An Emergency Snack

 sugar detox-after you cross the finish line-snack-ideas➡ For those times when you find yourself hungry and tempted, carry an emergency snack in your purse, car, or briefcase.

 ➡ Make some homemade trail mix, or just grab a piece of fruit to take with you.

 ➡ A bottle of water to go along with your snack is also a good idea. Think back on your scouting days and be ready.

Forgive Yourself And Do Better

No matter how well you prepare yourself and how strong your willpower is, chances are you’ll slip up now and then. It happens.

 Sugar Detox-After You Cross The Finish Line-forgive➡ Maybe you’re grabbing a cookie without thinking and don’t realize that you’re eating sugar until it’s almost gone.

 ➡ Or maybe there’s just not a way to turn down your grandma’s homemade banana pudding that she made just for you because she knew you were visiting.

There will be slip ups and there will be times when quite frankly it is worth the cheat. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just move on.

 ➡ A little sugar here and there won’t kill you.

What will is the 160+ pounds per year most Americans eat.

 ➡ Don’t use one mistake as an excuse to slip back into your old habits. Use it as a tool for forgiving yourself, moving on, and eating well the rest of the time.

Your body will thank you for it.



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