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Six Silly Myths About Diabetes -Get Your Facts Straight

There are a lot of stories, guesses and made up facts associated with just about any medical condition, and Diabetes is no exception. My favorites are these six silly myths about Diabetes that can easily be cleared up.

#1. Eating Sugar Causes Diabetes

Eating sugar does not cause diabetes. That being said, however, people who are diagnosed as diabetics (or just want to live a healthy lifestyle) would be wise to avoid white sugar as much as possible.

  • Instead of a high sugar dessert or drink, choose something else.six silly myths about diabetes-fruits
  • Eating whole fruit for dessert, and drinking fresh filtered water for hydration is a better choice.

Sugar does not CAUSE Diabetes. However, eating too much can lead to a higher risk, but not just for Diabetes, but for many other illnesses. 

#2. All Overweight People Have Diabetes

Many people are overweight their entire lives and never develop diabetes.

While this is one of the 6 silly myths about Diabetes, (all overweight people do not develop Diabetes) it’s understandable that on the surface it seems to be true.  

This is not an excuse to stay overweight, though. Excess weight, especially “belly fat” is one of the conditions of Metabolic Syndrome, which is linked to Diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions. Read About it Here.

A healthier choice would be to cut down on your calories, eliminate high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods from your diet, get some exercise daily and enjoy better health longer.

six silly myths about diabetes-hard life#3. Living with Diabetes Is Hard

While having Diabetes (especially Type I Diabetes) makes life more challenging, it’s not really hard.

 ➡ Simple tools have been invented to help you test and medicate yourself in privacy without a problem.

 ➡ Although it will need you to be more careful about some things, if you take it upon yourself to get honest, reliable information, you’ll live a longer, healthier and full life than the alternative.

#4. Testing blood sugar levels and giving yourself injections hurtsix silly myths about diabetes-ouch

 ➡ Needle sizes for injections and testing are pretty small (tiny even).

 ➡ Many people can’t even feel the testing needle or the injection needle.

 ➡ When you first start, the hardest part will be to make you give yourself an injection. It will get easier, however, once you get used to it. It’ll be second nature, and it will save your life.

six silly myths about diabetes-contagious#5. Diabetes Is Contagious

Excuse me while I roll on the floor a while…

 ➡ While there is a high incidence of becoming diabetic if you have first-degree blood relatives who have Diabetes, that’s not because it’s contagious, it’s heredity.  Diabetes is not contagious.

#6. Diet Always Cures Diabetes

If I’ve learned anything working in medicine it’s that “always” and “never” can change in a heartbeat without reason...

 ➡ While diet and exercise can contribute to better blood sugar levels and a healthier life overall, there are cases where diet doesn’t improve blood sugar numbers – even when the patient is doing everything they’re supposed to do.

Don’t be discouraged. Do the best you can.

This is not so much a myth as an outright untruth, but it’s important to understand that the medical community is not trying to hide the cure for diabetes from you to keep you on diabetes medication.

The truth is that before treatments were available, the disease progressed in so many people until they died from the complications of Diabetes.

 ➡ Read this for a bit of fun and to learn about the early days of Diabetes.

With the right knowledge and professional help, diabetics can live long, normal lives.

6 silly myths about diabetes-busting mythsWhile there are more than these six silly myths about diabetes, it’s important for all diabetics to read the literature and stay up to date on the most advanced treatments available. Just make sure you’re getting your information from professional, reliable sources.

And always, always, speak to your doctor if you have any questions about something you’ve heard or read…

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