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Chasing Fitness Your Way-Quality Of Life With Fewer Medicines-Part 7

How would you like to improve your quality of life with fewer medicines?

Chasing Fitness Your Way-Quality Of Life With Fewer Medicines-head

For many people, there comes a time when they start to question if they really need to be taking so many medications. It seems their days revolve around what time they need to take which.

Or else they take it upon themselves to start taking every supplement someone tells them about, hoping to boost their body long enough to get them through the day.

That’s one way to go, but it can turn against them.

  • Your body can become intolerant to all those pills, including the supplements.

Then what? Well, that temporary boost they give you will fail, sometimes even turn against you physically by leaving you worse off than you were before.

The thing so many hate is being told to exercise. However, as with so many health conditions, exercise is the key, not just by giving you strength and making your muscles more flexible and stable, but by helping you breathe better. Oxygen…you know.

There’s just no substitute for what physical fitness offers. None. The strength you gain becomes a part of you.

The ability to do more for longer periods of time can start today, regardless of your current level of fitness.

And, the biggest rewards will be that the strength you gain will be both internal and external and will not wear off like medications do.

It’s called improving your quality of life with fewer medicines. 


Strength builds on strength.

 ➡ Every time you work out, go for a walk, practice yoga, whatever you choose, you’re adding to whatever you’re able to do today, both mentally and physically.

 ➡ Your life improves in proportion to how you take care of your body. And that’s a proven medical fact.

If you’ve taken medications and/or supplements for many years, relying on them to fill in the gaps, give fitness a chance.

 ➡ Build up your strength from within.

Chasing Fitness Your Way-Quality Of Life With Fewer Medicines-internal

 ➡ Once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of breathing better, hurting less, eating and sleeping well, your body will help you handle the day without extra help. And guess what? Your blood pressure will stabilize…one or two fewer pills to take, then another and another.

➡ Getting regular exercise will build a better you.

 ➡ You’ll be able to do all the things that you love.

 ➡ They’ll be easier to do because you’ll be healthier and in better physical shape.

 ➡ It will allow you to enjoy doing things with your family and friends.

 ➡ You’ll work smarter, not harder, at your job because all the chemical processes in your cells will be running smoothly.

 ➡ You’ll enjoy having fun with family and friends without running out of breath, including chasing your children.

And one of the most rewarding changes will be to your level of self-confidence. This is aChasing Fitness Your Way-Quality Of Life With Fewer Medicines-confidence trait I’ve noticed consistently over many years, as I’ve worked with patients.

When you feel that abundance of energy that comes with being physically healthy, it will also benefit your mind.

 ➡ Exercise reduces stress levels

 ➡ Provides mental clarity

 ➡ Improves your love life

 ➡ Gives you an abundance of energy

➡ The potential for health you were born with will return, helping you to add years of enjoyment to your life

And, you will sleep like a baby at the end of the day, not from exhaustion, but from accomplishment.

Consider this question: What do you want to be able to accomplish once you’re physically fit?



Coming Up: Change Your Mind-Change Your Life.

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