5 Ways To Make Your Meal Planning Easy Starting Today

One of the best habits for eating healthy, avoiding poor food choices, and to help with weight loss is to plan your meals in advance and to stick to the plan. A steady stream of research has demonstrated that maintaining healthy eating habits and planning your meals ahead of time is the way to make progress that will stick. This…

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How To Enjoy Your Cheese And Eat It Too

For cheese-loving diabetics, in particular, there are definitely ways to enjoy your cheese and eat it too! Don’t listen to the naysayers. A friend of mine likes to say that the healthiest cheeses for diabetics are none of them…Well, I wouldn’t go that far, because there’s enough to go around and diabetics have a lot of variety to choose from….

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3 Lessons In Failure And How To Get Back Up – Chasing Fitness Part 8

As we come to the end of this series, let’s focus not so much on the failures – we all fail at something sometimes. Instead, we can learn from these 3 lessons in failure and how to get back up and move forward. We tend to think of failure as something undesirable or even shameful. Understandably, failing to achieve a…

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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment From the Inside Out

It starts with a visit to your doctor, the exam, then the confirmed diagnosis. But as a wise lady once wrote, “It takes a village.”  In order to secure the very best care now and in the future, your plan of care will include Type 2 Diabetes Treatment from the inside out. The kind of Diabetes care that results in…

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How Essential Oils May Affect Your Diabetes Treatment

We seem to be in a “recycle all previous fads” mode. This time it’s the theory that essential oils may affect your diabetes treatment, improving the odds. We know that all natural remedies are not created equal. So, when finding one that claims to help treat diabetes, there’s cause for concern about its safety. You may have come across websites,…

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