Managing Morning Blood Sugar Highs

Managing morning blood sugar highs requires playing detective to find the reason and then taking steps to prevent it in the future. It’s not that they’re all that unusual, but it’s something to be aware of, as it can represent complications. Keeping track will help you and your physician to choose the right treatment. Although it’s not anyone’s favorite thing…

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Things You Really Don’t Have To Do To Lose Weight

You’re probably sick and tired of all the conflicting information out there pushing all these rules of weight at loss at you, then changing them almost daily. One guy says “eat this!” Then the other one says “stay away from it!” One guy says “Oh, you gotta do Cardio every single day! You can’t lose weight without it!” If it…

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8 Questions Diabetics Need To Ask Their Doctor About Heart Disease

You know by now that Diabetes and heart health are closely connected. Not only does having Diabetes increase your risk for cardiac complications,  but many of the healthy choices you make can help you sidestep both issues. On the other hand, poor choices can increase your risk for heart disease. The most important concept to understand is that the same…

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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to 5 Illnesses-Are You At Risk?

Although the benefits of vitamin D are well documented, including it’s ties to healthy bones and muscles (and particularly to a well-functioning, strong heart) there are some Vitamin D deficiencies linked to 5 illnesses specifically. As you know, sunshine is the primary source of Vitamin D.  It literally synthesizes Vitamin D on your skin, providing multiple benefits.  ➡ Vitamin D…

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Medications That May Interfere With Your Blood Sugar Control

Take care when using these common medications that may interfere with your blood sugar control. Work, with your doctor to lower the effects. Surprisingly common medicines, including those for treating cholesterol, may affect your blood sugar control. When type 2 diabetes creeps into your life, it usually isn’t alone. It often brings other health problems with it, and these complications…

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Diabetes And The Risk Of Cancer

Adding to the list of complications from Diabetes, researchers from The George Institute Of Global Heath have issued warnings about Diabetes and the risk of cancer. If you’ve been skirting the issues, trying to manage Diabetes without fully committing 100% to the steps you need to take for optimal health, this would be a good time to reassess your goals. Aside from…

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