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Chasing Fitness YOUR Way Without Cheating – Part 4

Once we start cheating on our fitness goals, cutting a corner here, leaving out a day there, we’re done. So I’m going to tell you about chasing fitness YOUR way WITHOUT cheating.


chasing fitness your way without cheating-head 4When you finally set some fitness goals, it’s because you want to change something in your life. It could be you want the ability to do something physical, or maybe you just want to lose some weight, manage your diabetes. Perhaps you want to have more energy.

  • The changes you want to make and reaching the goals you set will take some determination.

You’ll run into people on the way who’ll regularly cheat on their fitness goals.You may even have seen articles about this advising them to get back up and continue where they left off.

What these articles don’t usually mention, however, is the guilt you can experience when you cheat on your fitness goals.

  • After all, you’ve broken a promise to yourself and that never feels good.

But then again, you could be feeling that it was fun and enjoyable after all.

Believe me when I say this, born from over 3 decades in the business of health and fitness…

This happy little moment will pass.

chasing fitness your way-no cheating

When it does, you’ll be left with feelings of guilt and sometimes, maybe even shame. You may even berate yourself and curse that it happened at all.


Cheating on your fitness goals is not worth how you’ll feel after the fact. No one is harder on us than us.

But – nothing feels quite as good and liberating as sticking to a goal you’ve set to improve any area of your life. It’s a proud moment you earned and deserved.

It’s the best “High-Five” you’ll ever get.

What are your biggest temptations? What is it that would make you throw your goals away? How do you avoid that pitfall?  Start thinking about that today.


Coming Up: Chasing Fitness And Doing It Your Way-Part 5 -Focus On Gains, Not Loss


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