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Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury -Part 3

This is Part 3, the next chapter of Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury. Let me tell you why I’m doing this…

One thing many people have in common is the struggle to lose weight and get fit. That’s why I originally started the ©FitForHeartLife Program for my cardiac patients many years ago. Then my diabetic patients chimed in and wanted one of their own. And they won 😀 

Chasing Fitness Your Way-It's A Luxury

All it takes is one look around to notice that everyone’s life is different. We all struggle with something, often more than one thing at a time.

For the most part, we take care of business and handle it.

One thing many people definitely have in common, however, is the struggle to lose weight and get fit.

This is why we need to think of getting in shape this way: Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury.

It’s a luxury for many.

  • They want to work out and be as healthy as they can, but their financial situation forces them to work two or more jobs just to pay the bills and put food on the table.

For them, there’s just no time to get enough sleep much less give time to exercising.

  • There are also some people who have the time but not the ability to get fitness gear such as a good pair of sneakers, or the money to invest in getting fit.

If you’re one of the people who does have the time and money to pursue your personalChasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury-holding back fitness goals, you’re throwing that chance away if you don’t take advantage of every single opportunity to improve your health and potentially save your life.

Think of it this way: Exercising and getting fit is a benefit that you can’t afford to lose.  Money cannot buy that “something” exercise will give you.

It’s something that can give you physical strength and mental clarity to help with every task you undertake; whether it’s professional or personal.

And your good health and longevity are the best “reward program” perks you’ll ever be offered.

How can you take advantage of the fitness opportunities that are available to you?



Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury-logoComing Up: Part 4 Doing It Your Way-Without Cheating


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