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Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness-Part 2

When you start thinking about chasing fitness YOUR way-choose taking time over illness…please.

It’s a mistake to believe that you can’t be overweight and fit at the same time. In fact, you could be thin as a piece of spaghetti and not be fit. 

It’s a matter of definition.

Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness

Being fit simply means that you exercise to keep your body as healthy as it can possibly be.

And getting fit does a lot for your body.

 ➡ It helps to process your blood sugar (glucose) and keep it at a healthy level.Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness-blood sugar

 Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness-cholesterol➡ It helps to ensure normal cholesterol and blood pressure.

 ➡ It keeps your body physically strong and gives your immune system a boost.

If you’re physically unfit, you may get away with it for a while but eventually, your body will start to break down.

  • You’ll lose energy.
  • Your joints will hurt from a lack of regular exercise, not because you’re getting old.

When you’re overweight, you run the risk of developing many health conditions; some are irreversible. This is why when you’re chasing fitness YOUR way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness.

A lot of people claim they can’t get fit now because they don’t have time.

But you do.

Everyone has time for what’s important to them.

Know this: Your body is important. If it’s not functioning the way you want it to, barring a medical condition, you can teach it many new tricks on your way to being fit.

The choice we all face is whether to take the time to get fit now:

 ➡ Or allow it to crack under the strain of being unhealthy, developing heart disease

 ➡ Becoming a healthy type 2 diabetic

 ➡ Or be a slave to larger and larger doses of insulin to control your glucose levels.

Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-Choose Taking Time Over Illness-love bodyTake the time now and resolve to exercise using any of the many options I’ll be teaching you so that you can work at your own level.

Strengthen your muscles so that you can stay healthy for many years to come, regardless of how old you are now, or what medical issues you live with.

What’s one thing you can do or change in your life to find time to get fit starting now?


Coming Up: Part 3– Chasing Fitness YOUR Way-It’s A Luxury.


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