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Chasing Fitness YOUR Way By Focusing On Gains-Not Loss – Part 5

Chasing fitness YOUR way by focusing on gains-not loss is your key to succeeding, and not only for weight loss and good health, but for life. This is Part 5 of our series.

chasing fitness your way by focusing on gains-not loss

The first step?

Get off the scale.

chasing fitness your way by focusing on gains-not loss-scales

You read that right. Get Off the scale. When it comes to losing weight, it’s easy to become scale- focused.

  • You can reach the point where you watch the scale so relentlessly that every fluctuation in your weight will affect how you feel about your journey.

Your weight can and will rise based on water retention, muscle gain and a number of other reasons. A scale needs to be treated as a “tentative” gauge and not one set in concrete.

Your body will weigh more depending on:

  • The time of day you weigh yourself
  • The clothes you’re wearing
  • Whether or not you’ve just worked out or have been working out for a while
  • How much fluids you’ve had that day. If you’re dehydrated even a bit, it will look as if you’ve lost weight, but it won’t be true.(see the link at the bottom of the page to learn more about this)

There are too many fluctuations, and your scale should never be the only guideline you use when you’re working to lose pounds.

Put your focus on chasing fitness YOUR way by focusing on gains-not loss. Focus in terms of how fit you’re getting, how much better you’re moving, how much more flexible you’re getting.

When you lose weight and you’re exercising, you’re also getting physically fit. That’s different than “getting thinner.”

  • You’re getting stronger, leaner and gaining the ability to do things that were harder for you in the past.

chasing fitness your way by focusing on gains-not loss-perksLook at the positive in your wins, instead of fretting over what the scale shows or doesn’t show.

What’s one perk you want to enjoy once you’ve reached your goal? What gain will help you stay focused to continue making progress?



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