Kidney Infections-Causes Complications Treatment And Prevention

If you really want to learn about kidney infections-causes, complications, treatment and prevention (and if you’re diabetic, it’s a must), here’s a chance to brush up, with prevention in mind, as always.  A kidney infection, formally named “pyelonephritis” is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that usually starts in your urethra or bladder and travels to one or both…

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Dialysis Treatment Or A Kidney Transplant For Chronic And End-Stage Kidney Disease

In the later stages of kidney disease, when the condition is called Chronic or End-Stage Kidney Disease, Dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant are the only options. Dialysis is a procedure during which waste products are separated from the blood and removed from the body. Dialysis acts as a “substitute” for a healthy kidney. Unfortunately, most dialysis patients must continue…

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The Subtle Signs Of Chronic Kidney Disease – Ten Key Symptoms Often Ignored

Often overlooked or ignored, the subtle signs of Chronic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Kidney Disease continue to do damage, progressing until there is no alternative aside from some form of dialysis. There are 10 key symptoms of kidney disease. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, please consult a doctor and ask for the proper blood and urine tests. Some…

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When The Kidneys Are Damaged-Diabetic Nephropathy

When the kidneys are damaged in a person with Diabetes, the condition is called Diabetic Nephropathy. This condition is a common complication of Diabetes Types 1 and 2, and it refers to damage done to the kidneys as a result of having high blood sugar levels.  ➡ With nephropathy, there’s a gradual loss of kidney function. Normally, your kidneys filter…

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Unsuspected Causes Of Blood Sugar Spikes – Part 2 of 2

This section will cover several unsuspected causes of blood sugar spikes – and they’re not related to food or exercise at all. However, they can sneak up on you and make some trouble…Become aware of these “special” triggers of high blood sugar. One quick, important reminder from Part 1: Artificial sweeteners may alter your blood sugar response, so:  ➡ Get…

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Everyday Causes Of Blood Sugar Spikes

You’ve heard it often and from all directions, I’m sure, that controlling your blood sugar is important, but are you aware of the everyday causes of blood sugar spikes? A diet high in carbohydrates, of course, is one of the biggest culprits because carbs turn into sugar (glucose) as soon as they’re digested.  ➡ Certain high-carb foods in particular, such…

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