Sugar Detox-After You Cross The Finish Line -Part 5

If you’ve made it through your sugar detox and are on your way to a lifetime of eating healthy, wholesome foods, Congratulations! Here’s a little more help for your journey to a sugar detox-after you cross the finish line-Part 5 of this series. Hopefully, by now many of your sugar cravings are gone. Keep in mind, however, how easy it…

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Your Sugar Detox-Baby Steps To The Finish Line-Series Part 4

There’s at least one in every group…You know who I mean…That person that seems to be able to just make a decision, jump in with their shoes on and still manage to float to the surface a winner. But that’s not all of us. When it comes to successfully learning a new skill or adapting our way of thinking, most…

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Sugar Detox Plan-Prepare For Withdrawal Symptoms Before Starting

This is the Series Part 3. Once you’ve chosen the sugar detox plan-prepare for withdrawal symptoms before starting. You may be surprised how quickly they show up. But don’t throw caution to the wind and decide to go cold turkey: If you do, you’ll be defeating your plan before it gets off the ground. When you know what’s coming, that…

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What Sugar and Cocaine Have In Common – Sugar Detox Series Part 2

Why is it so scary to think about what sugar and Cocaine have in common? It’s because we’ve spent decades being told about the dangers of illegal drugs, especially Cocaine, while all anyone else has told us is that sugar just makes you gain weight… But here’s a scary fact: When scientists took MRI images of the brains of people…

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Sugar-Is It Really All That Bad? – Sugar Detox Series-Part 1-

Many of you have asked me about sugar-is it really all that bad? Well…if you’re not convinced by now, you will be, after going into a full-blown sugar detox… But, if you still don’t believe that this addiction to sugar, and all the foods that are loaded with it, is real, just try to cut out all added sugar for…

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3 Lessons In Failure And How To Get Back Up – Chasing Fitness Part 8

As we come to the end of this series, let’s focus not so much on the failures – we all fail at something sometimes. Instead, we can learn from these 3 lessons in failure and how to get back up and move forward. We tend to think of failure as something undesirable or even shameful. Understandably, failing to achieve a…

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