Satisfying Your Emotionally-Based Cravings

Now that we’ve covered the reasons behind your cravings, we’re taking a look at how you go about satisfying your emotionally-based cravings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I know you can do this. As mentioned in Part 1, we’ve been trained since we were very young to associate celebrations with sweets. For instance, we ate cake at birthday…

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The Real Reason You’re Craving Comfort Foods

There’s a lot of talk about food cravings stemming from nutritional deficiencies, but research has not proved this to be true. So here is the real reason you’re craving those comfort foods.  But first, a little background…If you’ve ever blamed a craving for chocolate on a magnesium deficiency, know that it’s not a valid argument.  ➡ Your desire for chocolate…

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Depression and Overeating-Breaking The Cycle

If you’re caught in the trap of depression and overeating, first know that you’re not alone. Breaking the cycle isn’t easy, but some of the following information may be helpful. Consider this beautiful quote: “Maybe the reason nothing seems to be ‘fixing you’ is because you’re not broken… You have a unique beauty and purpose; live accordingly.” ~Steve Maraboli~ Have…

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How To Stop Getting In The Way Of Your Own Health

Sometimes, we become so used to things not working out for us that we get in our own way.  If you’ve wondered why you just can’t seem to make progress on your health goals, there are some ways to stop getting in the way of your own health. Understand that often, people who sabotage their health, are driven by unconscious…

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Sleep As Part One Of Getting Fit For Your Life

If you’re committed to managing your Diabetes and living a healthy life, consider sleep as Part One of getting fit for your life… While so many make such a big, complicated deal, out of getting physically fit, It’s not rocket science. And yet, we keep getting it wrong. The conflict is real… One “Guru” tells you: “Don’t think of this…

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Diabetes Burnout and Depression-Tips For Keeping Your Happy

 Diabetes burnout and depression are not new, by any means…but we’re finally starting to talk about it openly. Let’s face it, being a diabetic is no picnic, and the lifestyle changes, testing, medications, etc., create emotional challenges that sometimes feel impossible to manage. And, when it comes right down to it, you just want to feel “normal.” No labels, no…

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