Exploring MUFA Weight Loss – You May Be Surprised

Are you up for exploring MUFA weight loss? Unless you’re familiar with the language of medicine, you may be surprised. But relax, MUFA  just means monounsaturated fatty acids, and they are your friends if you want to lose weight. There are three different types of fats in the foods we eat. Unsaturated Fats Saturated Fats Trans Fats Of these three, unsaturated fats…

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Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program-Part 2

Are you ready to tackle Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program-Part 2?  Are you ready to get healthy and learn how to lose the weight you want? Here we go… If you follow the suggestions and instructions from this plan, you will learn to eat the right foods and keep the weight off as long as you want…

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Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program-Part 1

From holidays to summer swimsuit season people jump into the “latest and greatest” new diet on the block. But, if you’re serious about getting this done, follow The Weight Loss-The Never Having To Say Sorry Program and watch the pounds get lost, never to be seen again. Because, repeat after me: When it comes to your health, diet and weight…

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Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals

Why this and why now? Why would I ask you to consider a mental shift for your weight loss goals?   Well, it may be that everything you’ve tried hasn’t produced your desired results…or perhaps you’ve tried everything you can think of (including all the latest fad diets), to lose weight without success. It may also be that it’s time…

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9 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

I’d like to show you 9 ways to motivate yourself to exercise, because, as you’ve probably heard (from me!), exercise is important for everyone. When you have Diabetes, however, it’s not just important, it’s vital.   Because of the multiple benefits of exercise, the American Diabetes Association recommends about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise at least five days a week….

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How To Exercise Safely With Diabetes Complications

If you have been diagnosed with complications stemming from Diabetes, such as neuropathy or retinopathy, you might think exercise is out of the question. In fact, the truth is that you need to exercise even more. Find out how to exercise safely with diabetes complications, because, you know, exercise is always the key to good management of your blood sugar….

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