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But Why Are You Always Tired? Chasing Fitness Series – Part 6 

Maybe you’ve reached a point where you feel like you’re so tired all the time that the last thing in the world you feel like doing is exercising. But why are you always tired?


Why Are You Always Tired? Chasing Fitness-6 

We’ve all been there. Pretty soon we say “who cares?” And give ourselves permission to reclaim our couch potato status.

Then we feel guilty…and the circle goes round and round.

You’ll think it’s strange when I tell you that exercise is the best treatment for fatigue

Here’s why:

Exercise boosts energy. It shakes things up inside you: Your hormones, your circulation, your body’s management of sugar and insulin, your level of oxygen. It works like taking a really deep breath in the springtime, outdoors.

Why Are You Always Tired?-mitochondria  ➡ The science behind this phenomena is found in your cells. Specifically within what’s called the mitochondria. These are like little energy plants inside of you.

Exercise is what makes them produce power. The more you do it, (and this doesn’t mean how hard you exercise, it’s consistency that counts) the more power they produce.

Not exercising is like shutting off the lights.

 ➡ If the mitochondria aren’t producing a high level of energy, you’ll be dragging.

However, fire up your engines with some regular exercise and they’ll keep making energy to keep up with the demands of your body.

That’s why people who exercise regularly and athletes always seem to have an endless supply of get-up and go.

But you don’t have to be a “fitness buff” or an athlete to benefit from moving your body.

 ➡ When you’re exercising to boost energy, aim for low-impact cardio exercises which don’t use much energy.

In the low-impact exercises, movements are smooth and at least one foot is on the ground at all times.

Low-impact workouts include:

 ➡ Stepping movements such as walking, elliptical machine workouts or dancing

 ➡ Flexibility moves such as upper body twists and bends

 ➡ Supported exercises such as leg lifts 

➡ Arm circles or rowing action movements

 ➡ Standing balancing exercises.

As you’re doing them, you’ll build up a bigger supply of energy than with those “give me all you’ve got” high impact exercises.

The key to increasing your energy, whether you want to lose weight or gain strength to improve your overall health is this:

 Work at a slow, moderate pace (Your Pace)  and be consistent.



How can you incorporate some slow, mindful physical activity into your life starting today?



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