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Being Overweight Is More Harmful Than We Have Told Ourselves

being overweight is more harmful than we’ve told ourselves-exerciseNow that the holiday madness is passed, many of us are re-thinking our lifestyles and diets…And we always end up back in the same place, wondering if being overweight is more harmful than we have told ourselves.

Well, the statistics from multiple research projects keep sending the message.

Weight control is a major problem in this country now, and this will only change one person at a time. You, Me, Our loved ones, Our neighbors, and sometimes even our Doctors.

And, according to a brand new study, from the International Journal Of Epidemiology, the harmful effects of carrying extra weight have been underestimated in many previous studies.

Some diet proponents believe that being “mildly overweight” is good for health.

  • This is because older studies have said that the “optimum” body mass index (BMI) associated with the minimal risk of death appears to be above the range that is normally recommended by doctors, which is roughly between 3 to 5 pounds per square foot of you.

Being Overweight Is More Harmful Than We Have Told Ourselves-go figureIn other words, they said that it was ok to weight more than the American Heart Association AND the American Diabetes Association have said…over and over.

Do you want to know what your Body Mass Index is? Click Here for an easy to use BMI calculator.

being ovrweight is more harmful than we've told ourselves-BMIOther scientists, however, are less convinced by this, suspecting that these studies do not accurately reflect the full effect of BMI on health.

They argue that other factors, such as smoking or early stages of illness, can both lower BMI and increase the risk of death, which makes figuring out the influence of BMI on the risk of death, a lot harder.

Studying parent-child pairs:

The new study, from the from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, attempted to assessbeing overweight is more harmful than we’ve told ourselves-parents the causal link between BMI and risk of death by examining the health records of 32,452 mother and child pairs and 27,747 father and child pairs.

The repercussions of a high BMI have, indeed, been underestimated. We have our answer. Being overweight is more harmful than we have told ourselves.

By studying the BMI of the adult children, the researchers discovered that the damaging effects of having a low BMI were smaller and that the harmful effects of living with a high BMI were greater than that which had been found in other studies.

And so it follows, then that the damaging effects of being overweight were underestimated in previous studies.

We need to take this seriously and stop looking for a way out. Our lifestyles are simply out of whack.

We’ve reached the place where we have to ask ourselves: “How long do I want to live?” and “What am I willing to do for that?”

  • Since 1975, when there were 105 million people diagnosed as overweight across the world, the number has climbed to 641 million.

We now know that previous studies have seriously underestimated the impact of being overweight on mortality and these recent findings support the current advice to maintain a BMI of between 3 to 5 pounds per square foot of you.



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