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Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals

Why this and why now? Why would I ask you to consider a mental shift for your weight loss goals?

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Well, it may be that everything you’ve tried hasn’t produced your desired results…or perhaps you’ve tried everything you can think of (including all the latest fad diets), to lose weight without success.

It may also be that it’s time to change your mind about your approach. In other words, you may need a mental shift in your weight loss goals – from “I can’t” to “heck yeah, I can!”

This is not a sappy, happy, “you can do it if you want to” kind of article. Instead, it’s just a nudge to help you take a good, long look at that approach that isn’t working…to help you see how much easier it all can be.

The absolutely, positively, without a doubt, key to weight loss is this:

ry A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals-CHANGE WAY YOU LOOK THINGSYou Need To Make A  Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals

The internal dialogue you have with yourself can make or break your weight-loss success. Watch out for these negative thinking patterns.

Sure, you want to lose weight, but what is your mindset?  Are you sabotaging your own efforts with a self-defeating outlook?

Get motivated and stay that way to reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals with these very effective techniques.

1. Drop the negative beliefs and self-talk.Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals-CHANGE

The things you tell yourself influences your actions.

For instance:

 ➡ Thoughts such as “I’ll never lose weight” or “I’m no good at exercising” can weaken your self-esteem and stall your progress.

 ➡ Replace these thoughts with positive statements. Instead of: “I can’t stick with an exercise program,” tell yourself: “I can meet one realistic goal today.”

Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals-expect2. Dismiss your Unrealistic expectations

 ➡ Losing weight will not solve all your problems.

Your life will significantly change with weight loss — but probably not in all the ways you imagine.

 ➡ Losing weight doesn’t guarantee a better social life or a more satisfying job. (although it will give you a good excuse to go shopping for new clothes!) 🙂 

Focus your expectations on the REAL benefits, such as:

 ➡ Having more energy and higher self-esteem (which will both improve the quality and length of your life).

 ➡ Being in control or outright preventing Diabetes or Heart Disease

Being able to cut down or get rid of:

 ➡ Your blood pressure medications

 ➡ The Nitroglycerine for chest pain

 ➡ The Erectile Dysfunction medications

 ➡ The diuretics (“water pills”)

 ➡ The amount of insulin you take, maybe even do away with insulin altogether and just take a tablet

3. Inflexibility

Words such as always, never or must place undue pressure on you.Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals-inflexible

 ➡ Telling yourself you’ll never eat chocolate again (*although it’s good for your heart). Read about that here.

 ➡ Thinking that you have to walk 2 miles every day, or do aerobics, join a gym, lift weights…none of that is true.

The only thing that inflexible thinking leads to is guilt-ridden lapses.

Instead, treat yourself now and then in ways that make sense — when you’re out to dinner with friends, not when you’re feeling sad.

4. All-or-nothing thinking

One setback doesn’t mean failure. If you eat too much one day, you haven’t blown Try A Mental Shift For Your Weight Loss Goals-all-nothingyour plan.

 ➡ Counteract this kind of thinking with moderation — don’t use the words “good” and “bad” foods, for example, and it’s OK to have dessert once in a while.

 ➡ Remind yourself you can get back on track tomorrow.

 ➡ Be flexible on your weight-loss journey. Don’t expect perfection. If you have a slip-up, learn from it and move on.

  And, finally:

 ➡ Pay attention to what your brain is telling you…” back off!

 ➡ Relax, do as much as you can, whenever you can…Yes, you do have time. You have all the time you make for what is important and necessary for your health and a longer, happier life.

Need to get started or get back on track with your weight loss goals?

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