How Hair Loss In Women Is Affected By Diabetes

How hair loss in women is affected by Diabetes is not something you hear much about, but the connection was discovered years ago. In fact, hair loss is an early warning sign of diabetes and should always be taken seriously. As you know, Diabetes is a hormone-related medical condition that affects blood sugar (glucose) levels. Among other things, Diabetes can lead…

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How Dental Problems Affect Your Blood Sugar-It Works Both Ways

You may have heard or read that Type 2 Diabetes puts you at greater risk for gum (periodontal) disease, but do you also know just how dental problems affect your blood sugar? Here’s how it works… Periodontitis is a common chronic inflammatory disease characterized by destruction of the structures which support your teeth. Signs Of Periodontitis: When you reach this…

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But Why Are You Always Tired? Chasing Fitness Series – Part 6 

Maybe you’ve reached a point where you feel like you’re so tired all the time that the last thing in the world you feel like doing is exercising. But why are you always tired?   We’ve all been there. Pretty soon we say “who cares?” And give ourselves permission to reclaim our couch potato status. Then we feel guilty…and the circle…

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Gym Haters Unite-Try Exercising The NEAT Way!

This is a call to action: Gym Haters Unite-try exercising the NEAT way! Raise your hands if you hate going to the Gym…You know you need to get your body moving some kind of way, but you just don’t “fit in” with all those gym-type people. So, let me tell you how to work around that with some NEAT exercises…

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7 Choices Made By Diabetics With A1C Levels Under 7

Tired of people bragging about their perfect A1C levels when they have their lab tests? Let me share their secret by telling you about 7 choices made by diabetics with A1C levels under 7. First, consider this: Managing Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes isn’t a straight-forward line. There are no easy ABC’s of what to do every day that…

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