The Heart Of Yoga-Diabetes Without Stress Part 2

Welcome back to our series about the heart of Yoga and how this 4,000-year-old practice can help you manage your diabetes without stress. Yoga is not like any other type of exercise. All too often, it is mistaken for just a physical practice. However, Yoga is mental, physical and spiritual. It provides powerful benefits for your health and fitness, while also offering harmony, balance, and peace…

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The Heart Of Yoga-A Successful Approach To Diabetes

Twenty-five years into a thriving career as a dancer, she set out looking for a practice that would heal injury and support her mental health… She suffered from anxiety and was told by a chiropractor that yoga and meditation would help. She took easily to it, and within a few short years she was reaping the benefits and decided she…

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The Honeymoon Phase Of Type 1 Diabetes

During the honeymoon phase of Type 1 Diabetes, right after the initial diagnosis and when your insulin treatment starts, all is good. In fact, your blood sugar can stay at near-normal levels, and your symptoms related to the diabetes disappear. Type 1 Diabetes is the result of an immune attack against the pancreas, the organ that produces insulin.  ➡ When…

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Chasing Fitness YOUR Way Without Cheating – Part 4

Once we start cheating on our fitness goals, cutting a corner here, leaving out a day there, we’re done. So I’m going to tell you about chasing fitness YOUR way WITHOUT cheating.   When you finally set some fitness goals, it’s because you want to change something in your life. It could be you want the ability to do something…

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Type 3c Diabetes-Yes It’s Real

Yes, You Read That Right. Type 3c Diabetes-Yes it’s real, and here’s what it’s all about.  Type 3c Diabetes is not often mentioned outside of the clinical settings, where the “white coat” practitioners hang out, but: It follows pancreatic disease and is often (mistakenly) classified as Type 2.  ➡ The difference is that with Type 3c Diabetes there is much…

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