How Many Carbs Are in That? A Cheat Sheet for Type 2 Diabetes

If you’re not in the habit of asking “how many carbs are in that?” hopefully I can change your mind,  because keeping track of the carbohydrates in the food you eat can be a powerful way to manage Type 2 Diabetes. Why It’s Important: Keeping tabs and balancing the carbs you eat each day can prevent dangerous drops and spikes in…

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6 Shortcuts To Weight Loss-Keep It Simple!

We all love shortcuts, don’t we? Well, here are 6 shortcuts to weight loss, which is a big concern right now with Diabetes and Heart Disease on the rise. You’ll find that as with most every challenge in life, the solution is to keep it simple. 1. Eat Regularly Get in the habit of eating every two to three hours….

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Body Mass Index-Why Worry?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term BMI, which stands for Body Mass Index. It’s an estimate of how much fat a person has. But when it comes to Body Mass Index-Why Worry? Well, for starters, your BMI tells you how much body fat you have, in relation to how much you weigh. So, it’s important to learn what your specific…

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8 Steps To  Managing Your Insulin Therapy

By now you know that Insulin therapy can be effective for managing Type 2 diabetes, but don’t expect insulin to do all the work for you. Keep these 8 steps to managing your insulin therapy front and center in your mind at all times. But first, answer this for yourself: Does your well-being often take a backseat to your hectic…

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Satisfying Your Emotionally-Based Cravings

Now that we’ve covered the reasons behind your cravings, we’re taking a look at how you go about satisfying your emotionally-based cravings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I know you can do this. As mentioned in Part 1, we’ve been trained since we were very young to associate celebrations with sweets. For instance, we ate cake at birthday…

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The Real Reason You’re Craving Comfort Foods

There’s a lot of talk about food cravings stemming from nutritional deficiencies, but research has not proved this to be true. So here is the real reason you’re craving those comfort foods.  But first, a little background…If you’ve ever blamed a craving for chocolate on a magnesium deficiency, know that it’s not a valid argument.  ➡ Your desire for chocolate…

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