Diabetes-Friendly Low-Carb Vegetables

These non-starchy vegetables are great for filling up without filling out your waistline or spiking your blood sugar levels. As a bonus, these diabetes-friendly low-carb vegetables are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s always smart to eat a rainbow-colored diet, but the following vegetables are among the best.   Spinach Popeye had the right idea when he bulked…

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Getting Rid Of Visceral Fat Is Not Just About Exercise – Part 2 of 2

After reading part 1, by now you know that your abdominal weight, that visceral fat, is an indicator of your overall health. That’s why getting rid of visceral fat is not just about exercise. In fact, we have verifiable research that shows that visceral fat around your internal organs, increases your risk of diabetes, inflammatory-related diseases, and intestinal cancer. And,…

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Women’s Expanding Waistlines And The Risks Of Visceral Fat

If your waistline could talk, what would it say? We know that belly fat is more common after menopause, but what about women’s expanding waistlines and the risks of visceral fat? While a bigger waistline is sometimes brushed off as “the price of getting older,” for women, it means more than just making it harder to zip up your jeans….

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Why Bother To Eat Healthy Now?

Truth: This was a question in my inbox this week…“At this point, why bother to eat healthy now?” The worst thing is that it came from a 34-year-old woman…   While I understand most people’s resistance to modifying or completely changing their dietary choices and exercise habits, I take this question very seriously. Let me share some reasons with you….

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Exploring MUFA Weight Loss – You May Be Surprised

Are you up for exploring MUFA weight loss? Unless you’re familiar with the language of medicine, you may be surprised. But relax, MUFA  just means monounsaturated fatty acids, and they are your friends if you want to lose weight. There are three different types of fats in the foods we eat. Unsaturated Fats Saturated Fats Trans Fats Of these three, unsaturated fats…

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High Cholesterol-Snack Out Of It!

Pssssst…Here’s a tip you’ll enjoy…A fun way to reduce that high cholesterol-snack out of it!  You may think (or have been told) that cutting out snacks is the way to go, but eating at regular intervals is actually important for normalizing your blood sugar levels and keeping your metabolism moving throughout the day. Here’s a more satisfying way to stay on…

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